Monday, May 02, 2011

The Wonders of Technology

I'm down in sunny Florida this week, participating in my employer's massive once-a-year Sales Conference (well, we have two others, more or less, but they're in a hotel the next town over from the office, so they're not off-site for those of us in Hoboken).

And this year I decided to go computer-light -- running with just my iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard. (Which I had anyway; it's the tiny wireless keyboard that came with my new Mac -- I'm never going to use this wretched thing at home, but it's just fine for travel.)

I knew I could handle work e-mails this way -- I've done it before, and even used the iPad's on-screen keyboard to poke out multi-paragraph e-mails when I had to -- but I wasn't sure if it would handle blogging. But I've just created and set to post a Clay Jones cartoon for Editorial Explanations, and, along the way, finally figured out how to do copy-and-paste on an iPad. (It's not nearly as easy and intutive as using a mouse is, but maybe using a mouse didn't seem that easy twenty-five years ago, either.)

So I'm still going to be very busy with real work this week. But if I do have time for blogging, you folks will not be spared my random blatherings. This may be a good or bad thing, depending on your opinion of the worth of Editorial Explanations.

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