Sunday, August 06, 2006

Book-A-Day #19 (8/5): Flaming Carrot Comics, Vol. 6: Special Women Trouble Issue by Bob Burden

The above is what the cover and spine seem to think the title is; the title page has this as Bob Burden's Flaming Carrot Comics: Unacceptable Behavior and the copyright page is just Flaming Carrot Comics, Vol. 6. So I gather we can choose our own subtitle for this one.

The Carrot is one of the quintessentially indescribable comics characters: he's this guy who wears flippers and a giant carrot mask (with a flame on top, natch). And he fights crime. And zombies. And chases pretty girls (with quite a lot of luck for a guy with a giant carrot on his head.) His adventures at least border on the surreal, sometimes from the other side.

There's a short Carrot story online, which can give you the idea. If you don't feel like clicking, here's his first speech balloon:
Am I a killer?...Yes.
Am I a monster?...Perhaps.
Am I wrong?...Hardly Ever!
I am Flaming Carrot!
Even best friends fear me a little!
Anyway, this collection, whatever it's called, is not the place to start -- find the first Dark Horse trade paperback, Man of Mystery (or maybe issue #12 of the comic, "The Dead Dog Jumped Up and Flew Around the Room," which is where I started, twenty years ago). The world has long needed a dada superhero, and the Carrot is it.

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