Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who I Look Like, Part Two

Well, I got curious, and found out that Zbigniew Preisner is a composer (of classical-ish stuff, I think) and that Valdas Adamkus is the current President of Lithuania.

I'll have to listen to some of Zbiggy's stuff, to see if he's worthy of looking like me. But Valdas sounds like a cool guy and a tough cookie (not to mention in charge of the armed forces of at least a small nation -- and since the Grand Duchy of Fenwick debacle I'm not counting any country out), so I'm not going to be making fun of him.

I do suspect, in most of the cases below, I "look like" those guys because we have similar facial hair.

(Oh, and one last thing: John Dolmayan is a drummer, not a serial killer. I was a bit worried about him for a moment.)

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