Monday, August 28, 2006

Book-A-Day #42 (8/28): Fuck This Book by Bodhi Oser

This is the most indefensible book-a-day yet, and I am ashamed of it. (Though I'm still going to count it.)

A sister club of the SFBC's is selling this, and I thought it was amusing -- but I amuse easily.

It consists of no actual text, but quite a lot of pictures of signs with a typed "Fuck" taped over strategically chosen words. Here, let me demonstrate at random -- "Degradable Fuck-Up Mitt," "Danger: Do Not Fuck Off," "Notice: Absolutely No Fuckheads of Any Type" and so on.

It's all exceptionally juvenile, and, yes, as one would expect, it was a website first. It's almost certainly a better website than it is a book, too. I can't recommend that anyone actually spend money on this, but, if you also amuse easily, pick it up the next time you're browsing in a bookstore, chuckle at a few pages, and then move on.

A real book tomorrow, with real Deep Thoughts from me -- I promise.

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