Friday, August 04, 2006

My Worldcon Schedule

I don't got one.

Either the folks running the program have snubbed me (which is not likely) or I forgot to notify whoever it is I was supposed to notify that I was willing to do programming (which is exceptionally likely).

Either way, I'm not scheduled for anything, so I will be wandering aimlessly in Anaheim. (Which will make it easier to sneak away for a day-trip to The Mouse.) If there's anyone out there who wants to meet with me at any particular time or place, drop me a line at andrew dot wheeler at doubledayent dot com. (There's always the usual Worldcon practice of just running into people, which I expect will happen a lot, but most people's schedules will be busier than mine.)

I'll be the only representative of the SFBC at Worldcon (Ellen Asher will be busy riding across Scotland, which is how she usually spends August), so I'm the one you'll want to find -- or avoid, as the case may be...

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Andrew Wheeler said...

I'll have plenty of fun -- Worldcon is better unscheduled. Maybe I'll just spend the whole time in the bar, pretending I'm an author from Scotland.

Ellen does ride a horse, yes. I think this ride is ten days long, and they usually start near Inverness. That's about the extent of my knowledge, except that I think that this time she's not riding to Ft. William.

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