Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Book-A-Day #22 (8/8): second in a contemporary fantasy series

This is the sequel to the book I read two days ago, though, oddly enough, it's set earlier in time than the first volume.

On to something else now, mostly likely a book I can tell you about.


Christopher said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile now but never felt compelled to write. Don't know why this is the one that made me stop lurking.

I just finished recataloging my book collection on my computer. My wife asked me how many unread books I have. The number was over 500 and at first she was shocked. I use to joke that I was always buying books for my retirement fund. The truth is I read so many books that if I didn't buy another book for the next 3 years I would run out.

I know what you mean about feeling behind on series that you like, I always feel that way.

I am reading Sunset Limited right now. I think that makes me 5 behind on Burke, plus I haven't ebev started his other series. I guess there are worse thing than having too many books to read.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Nice to have you here; thanks for commenting.

The "I'm behind" feeling can be weird -- I started off four or five Burke books behind, when I first picked him up (twelve or so years ago), and that wasn't a problem. But when you fall behind after having been caught up, it's somehow worse.

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