Saturday, August 12, 2006

Book-A-Day #26 (8/12): Scotch and Toilet Water?: A Book of Dog Cartoons by Leo Cullum

Some days, I'm really too busy to do much reading. Today, for example: I took the boys on a two-hour hike in Ramapo Reservation (it was supposed to be with Thing 1's Cub Scout group, but everyone else was at the other entrance to the park -- but we had a good time anyway), dragged them back home to have lunch while watching Star Wars Episode II, took a quick trip to the library, and then dropped the boys off at my mothers' house for a sleepover.

Next The Wife and I will go out and see the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, have some dinner, and come back home and collapse. It's a full day, and I haven't touched the book I'm supposed to be reading.

On days like this, I foul one off to keep my count alive. Today it was a book of cartoons (mostly from the New Yorker) by Leo Cullum, all with dogs in them. It doesn't take very long to read in the first place, and I'd read most of it a few weeks ago and put it on my emergency-books pile (for just such times as this). Voila -- I finished a book today, and my streak is still alive. (And I also get a blog post out of it, keeping that streak alive, too.)

Oh, the cleverness of me!

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