Friday, November 27, 2009

A Frenzy of Consumerism

A certain Internet retailer from the Pacific Northwest sent me an e-mail overnight to remind me that they, too, have "Black Friday" deals, and that they would really appreciate a piece of the massive retail pie that is today.

Since they've promised me their standard teeny-tiny kickback, I figured I might as well slap in a banner here...particularly since I expect most of you (like me) have ad-blocking software to keep you from even seeing it.

If you happen to want to buy things today, and simultaneously want to avoid leaving the house, may I suggest clicking here? (Amazon does still seem, at least to me, to be less predatory and evil-seeming in the American psyche than traditional competitors like Wal-Mart, though shopping at Amazon isn't the "blow against the man" it was in the late '90s.)


Unknown said...

I shopped there last night and got some amazing deals on DVDs. Definitely worth checking out. Their book deals are kind of lame, though. Not a lot of great stuff.

Andrew Wheeler said...

S.M.D.: Speaking of saving money, I should mention the Invisible Hand add-on for Firefox (please tell me none of you are using IE unless you're being forced to, right?) -- it automatically checks prices from Amazon (US and UK) and about 50 other retailers in the background whenever you're shopping on the web, so that you always know if there's a lower price out there.

It's a great tool to see if those "deals" really are any good or not.

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