Friday, November 20, 2009

I'll Stand Down By The Door

We're coming into a very important and meaningful season in the Western world -- I'm referring, of course, to the frenzied shopping season that salvages the accounts of most major retailers, running for approximately the next five weeks.

The detached but reportedly benign intellects at Amazon want to get their piece of that huge retail pie, and so are promoting their very own "Black Friday" store. In keeping with the modern degradation of everything, it's not terribly black, nor is it restricted to Fridays. It begins on Monday, and runs for a week -- so at least it includes a Friday, even if it neither begins nor ends on one.

But they will be selling many things at quite low prices, and, if there are those among you who like things, this could be a good place and time to get them. You could either click here -- for those of you using the popular "ad blocking" software -- or use the glistening banner I will insert below:

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