Thursday, November 12, 2009

Matters Amazonian

That big online bookstore -- well, we still think of it as a bookstore (particularly when we are in the throes of planning our Co-Op for the first quarter of 2010), but they clearly see themselves as a general retail behemoth -- would like all those of you who wear clothes to know that they now have a "denim store."

Here, have a banner:

Said store also recently let me know that not only do they have a Twitter feed, as every forward-thinking person or organization on the planet is now required to do, but that they also have added functionality to their site that allows Associates (people like me) to Tweet about products, with a handy link, directly from their site.

This would be very useful if I were in the business of shameless promotion of random goods. Unfortunately, I'm too prickly and WASPy for that, so I won't be Tweeting about the great deals on auto parts or thigh-high boots. I'm sure you're all heaving a great sigh of relief at that.
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