Monday, November 30, 2009

Speaking Ill of the Dead

Today, after a long hiatus, ComicMix posted a new review from me, in which I look at three minor Will Eisner graphic novels: A Family Matter, Minor Miracles, and Life on Another Planet.

As you might guess from that word "minor," I do not precisely recommend these three books.

In a more general note, I'm back on the horse and expect ComicMix reviews to flow out at the old speed, for at least a few weeks. I do not promise that I'll be any more positive and happy than in this review -- but, then, you've probably come to expect nothing but bile and vituperation from me anyway.


Anonymous said...

Bile, vituperation, and spleen.

Glenn Hauman said...

Well, you gotta overcompensate for those teddy bear looks.

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