Friday, November 06, 2009

Quote of the Week

"Since masturbation is what erotic writing so often leads to, that was reason enough to make [D.H.] Lawrence's novel [Lady Chatterly's Lover] controversial; but in addition, through the character of the gamekeeper, Lawrence probes the sensitivity and psychological attachment that man often feels towards his penis -- it does indeed seem to have a will of its own, an ego beyond its size, and is frequently embarrassing because of its needs, infatuations, and unpredictable nature. Men sometimes feel that their penis controls them, leads them astray, causes them to beg favors at night from women whose names they prefer to forget in the morning. Whether insatiable or insecure, it demands constant proof of its potency, introducing into a man's life unwanted complications and frequent rejection. Sensitive but resilient, equally available during the day or night with a minimum of coaxing, it has performed purposefully if not always skillfully for an eternity of centuries, endlessly searching, sensing, expanding, probing, penetrating, throbbing, wilting, and wanting more. Never concealing its prurient interest, it is a man's most honest organ."
- Guy Talese, Thy Neighbor's Wife, pp. 115-116

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