Friday, November 13, 2009

Incoming Books: 13 November

I should be typing up the list of books that came in the mail last week, but this one is shorter, so I'll do it first in hopes it inspires me...

I went to my usual comic shop today after work, for the first time in about two months, and was more disorganized than usual. I've also fallen out of the habit of pre-ordering books (partially because I'd gotten for review a couple of books that I'd previously bought), which meant that several things I really wanted -- like Alec: The Years Have Pants, Popeye, Vol. 4: Plunder Island, and the paperback of Spectrum 16 -- did not come home with me, on account of I couldn't find them. (Not that my tastes are perfect or anything, but how can a self-respecting major-city graphic novel store not have The Years Have Pants in stock at this point? I ask you.)

The store was having a big sale in their upstairs porn section, which explains the first two books...

Tropical Blend by Bruno Poinsard looked like relatively classy nudes, and it was still wrapped in its protective plastic coating, so I took a flyer on it.

The Best of Helmut Newton is more of a known quantity -- we all know Newton at this point in the history of the world, don't we? -- and is from a better-known, classier publisher to boot (Thunder's Mouth).

I did find the somewhat obscure Trotsky, a comics biography of the Russian revolutionary by Rick Geary. And it's probably clear by now that I would buy the San Diego phone book if it were adapted by Geary.

And last (except for a couple of floppies for my sons) was Jack of Fables Vol. 6: The Big Book of War, written by Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges, with art by Tony Akins and others. I recently read volumes 4 and 5 of this series, and I guess I will stick with it for another little while. Jack is still a massive jerk, but that's the point, and Willingham & Sturges are keeping the focus away from his jerkiness and on the ever-growing supporting cast. Besides, I'm becoming very fond of the Babe the little blue ox.
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Bill Peschel said...

"how can a self-respecting major-city graphic novel store not have The Years Have Pants in stock at this point? I ask you.)"

Don't be too hard on them. The book's been moved back at least twice and won't be out now until Dec. 20, according to Amazon.

But I feel for you. I placed my order for it in July.

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