Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are You Aware?

So yesterday I entirely intended to post about TMBG Awareness Day, but I didn't. But why should awareness be limited to a single day, I ask you? Be aware today, be aware tomorrow -- hell, you can even be aware a week from next Tuesday if you want!

(For myself, I've been a TMBG fan since I saw them on the dark early days of MTV, before their first record came out. I'm enough of a long-time fan to have scars from the transition to "full band" in the early '90s. I'm damn old, man.)

Anyway, be Aware. America needs more Wares. And there's some new TMBG music, for those who like such things, on Amazon and iTunes (and probably other places) as a teaser for a new record coming Real Soon Now.

And have this, the video for their first single, also from those lazy days of 1986:

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