Friday, April 01, 2011

Books Read in March

I was completely free of the Book-A-Day shackles this month for the first time since January 2010, which meant that 1) I only read a few books this month, but didn't hop around to finish up short books all the time and 2) that there's a stack on top of my printer, waiting for me to write about them. I still expect these posts to come, so excuse the lack of links....

And that's that. Looking at what I said last month that I wanted to read, Tiassa and Home Fires and One of Our Thursdays Is Missing are still on the unread stack, and have been joined by Fuzzy Nation and 7th Sigma. But I did get through The Wise Man's Fear, which I wasn't expecting to jump into so quickly, and that sucker is big. This was also mostly a library month, with Bad Science, Unfamiliar Fishes, Shades of Milk and Honey, and the big fat Rothfuss brick all coming in shiny plastic covers -- I find that library books always shove their way up to the top of the unread stack by virtue of the deadline, so getting library books is an admission that you'll read them before other things.

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