Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Travel Plans

I spent much of this evening finally planning my big early-summer sojourn -- three big accounting conferences in two cities on opposite coasts in a ten-day period! fun times! -- leaving me with little time and less energy for blogging.

So let me just say that I'll be in lovely Orlando, Florida starting June 2nd, first for a quick day or two away with The Wife, and then diving straight into the annual meeting of the IMA. As soon as that's done, I get to jump on a plane and zip off to equally lovely San Diego, California, where the meetings of NACVA and ACFE are taking place back-to-back over the next week. Finally, I'll get back to these here parts at about dawn on June 15th, ready to utterly collapse, I expect.

If you'll be in any of those places, please come to the Wiley booth and say hello. And buy a book, won't'cha?

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