Saturday, April 09, 2011

Looking for a New Assistant

Updated With Real Link!

This job hasn't been posted yet, but I have gotten all of the approvals signed off, so I can let the world know: I'm looking to hire a new assistant. (I'll update this post with a link to the job, once it has been posted; for now, interested parties could e-mail me directly at the address to the left.)

My previous assistant has moved on and up to a new job within the wonderful world of Wiley -- and please take that as a subtle hint that such fortune could eventually happen to my next assistant as well -- and so I desperately need someone new to sit in a cube just outside my office-icle and do all kinds of complicated publishing-related stuff.

The job reports both to me and to my boss, and supports a group of five marketers (some of us more than others), in a fast-paced, hard-working, fun-loving, adjectivally-hyphenated group we like to call Wiley Global Finance -- google us for more details. (And that "global" isn't simply puffery -- Wiley publishes globally in English, and this position will entail regular contact with colleagues around the world.)

We're looking for someone with 1-3 years of experience, but we're open to various kinds of experience: publishing, digital media, marketing in other areas, or something else related to finance, accounting, and markets. Our group is aggressively moving into digital products of various kinds -- ebooks are the most minor, obvious piece of that -- and we're looking to find someone who will help us continue moving forward. We have openings at the marketing assistant level only rarely; this is not an opportunity that comes very often.

John Wiley & Sons is a strongly growing, rock-solid company (over two hundred years old, and check out the course of our stock price over the last year) that publishes heavily in the less-glamorous ends of the information world -- we're public, so you could easily check to see how we're fared over the past few years and what our leadership team says about the future. And we're located in lovely Hoboken -- not New York, but you can't see New York from New York, either -- which is great for people who live in New Jersey and the southern half of Manhattan.

This is a "book publishing" job, if you want to be excessively reductive about it, but that may not be true in five years -- or two, or even one. Wiley is a company run by smart people with real plans and visions, and I love what our future looks like. Please contact me directly or click here for more details -- and please feel free to let anyone else know about this job.

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