Thursday, April 21, 2011

Republicans Are All Old White Men, Take Six

This could be spun either as truth or as evidence of media bias -- and I'll leave that to each of you to decide which -- but in the New York Times's story this morning about the current field of potential Republican presidential candidates for 2012, there are quotes from two people.

And those people are: first, "Floyd Petersen, a disabled contractor in Thompson Falls, Mont.," and, second, "John Pollard, a retired deputy sheriff of Tacoma, Wash."

So, based on this sample: Republicans are men, probably Caucasian based on their names, and dependent on other people for their entire income. One hopes that the Times interviewed people outside this segment, and that their quotes were just, somehow, left out of the final reporting.

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Rey Reynoso said...

No one seems to ever quote the young Black or Hispanic Republicans.

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