Friday, April 15, 2011

In Which I Casually Mention My Other Blog, As If In Passing

If I were a more diligent blogger, keenly attuned to maximizing my personal brand online and leaping on every opportunity for self-promotion -- you know, the kind of thing that I tell my authors to do all day long? -- I would be posting here at least once a day with some kind of reminder about my other blog, Editorial Explanations.

(As You Know, Bob, Editorial Explanations was a series of posts here before I decided it made more sense as a standalone -- so it's only separate to make it better indexed and cleaner. This blog is "stuff I want to talk about on the Internet," so I still consider Editorial Explanations a subset of the greater Antick Musings world-domination engine.)

On the other hand, I did say for the first five years of this blog that I wasn't going to talk about politics here, because that's a quick trip into crank-dom. So maybe I just want to have it both ways. (Or maybe I'm trying to make Editorial Explanations more of a meta-commentary -- media criticism, to be grandiose about it -- and less about my particular political views. That's the hope, anyway.)

So: if you like, pretend that I have a really promotional post every single day, urging you to check out Editorial Explanations and the other awesome sites in the Antick Musings Network. With that, and some judicious theft of underpants, I'll be well on my way to profit!

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