Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blog Ennui

One unexpected side effect of my year-long Book-A-Day festival was that it entirely focused my blogging energies on those posts, to the detriment of shorter, quicker things. I've realized, recently, that I think of "a blog post," deep in my head, as an essay, probably a review of some media concoction that I've consumed recently. So all of the other kinds of posts that I used to do here -- and I used to post a lot more frequently, before Book-A-Day took over -- dried up during that year, and haven't entirely come back.

(Of course, I also started using Twitter more over that year -- though still not as much as the really serious Twitterers -- and I've also been using Google Reader to share links, which eliminated the "Hey! Look at this!" kind of posts I used to do. So it's not just one thing. I could complain about being busy at work, too, though that's nothing new -- it's more likely the result of all the time I'm spending playing Lego Star Wars III and doing odd things with Thing 2 -- watching Yogscast Minecraft walkthroughs, practicing spelling words, talking about "A Series of Unfortunate Events.")

Anyway, I want to have a mixture of posts here -- long reviews and quick thoughts -- but those thoughts recently haven't wanted to be the right length for a blog post. Maybe once I finish Lego Star Wars I'll have renewed blogging energy.

For now, the pile of books on my printer -- remember when I used to complain about that? it's back -- is growing, with a number of excellent things (Among Others, The Wise Man's Fear, One of Our Thursdays Is Missing, Popeye Vol. 4) and a couple of mixed-to-good ones (a random collection of Robert Silverberg essays, Musings and Meditations, and Steven Brust's Tiassa, one of his occasional forays into interesting structure and mild self-indulgence) that I want to think about in words here. And that will of these days.

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