Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Tonight's Festivities

The Wife and I spent more than a hour this evening chatting with a gentleman from a company that provides sump pumps -- have I mentioned the recent flood and our sleepness night? it's been much on our minds since -- coming to the conclusion that we'll need to move all of my books five feet away from the walls in the basement (where she exiled me and the books when Thing 1 was born) to have this work done.

As you might guess, I have a lot of books, so this idea does not fill me with joy. In fact, I'm utterly dreading it, since I'm pretty sure I have at least a ton of paper that will need to be shifted. (Shifted once, so the men can do their work, and then, eventually, shifted back again, probably to new shelves.)

I should be writing here about some book I've read or movie I've seen, but all I can do is obsess about moving all of those mounds of paper. Maybe tomorrow.

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