Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hey, You Know I'm Posting Several Times a Day Over at Editorial Explanations, Right?

Sure, it's usually about the twisted collision of American politics and cartooning, which is not necessarily everyone's cup of tea. (Note that I'm engaging in massive understatement once again.) But I find myself feeling guilty about the relative lack of content here -- not to mention the stack of books to be reviewed, which is now ten high -- and I keep telling myself that I am blogging over there (450 posts this month alone!)

Anyway, just in case you think I'm slacking off, it's not true: I'm just doing other things than Antick Musings. Funny things. Short things! (All my Twittering and Google shared-items-ing has finally gotten me to write short.) Sideways sarcastic complaints about current events! Things no one asked for!

Just in case you didn't get that link before: Editorial Explanations. Message: I care.

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Michael A. Burstein said...

Yes, we're aware you're posting over there. :-)

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