Saturday, February 25, 2006

Final Nebula Ballot

It's just gone up at SFWA's website, though I saw it via SF Signal.

  • Air - Geoff Ryman (St. Martin's Press, Sep04)
  • Camouflage - Joe Haldeman (Analog, Mar-May 04, also Ace book Aug 2004)
  • Going Postal - Terry Pratchett (HarperCollins, Oct04)
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke (Bloomsbury, Sep04)
  • Polaris - Jack McDevitt (Ace, Nov04)
  • Orphans of Chaos - John C. Wright (Tor, Nov05)
  • "Clay's Pride" - Bud Sparhawk (Analog, Jul/Aug04)
  • "Identity Theft" - Robert J. Sawyer (Down These Dark Spaceways, Science Fiction Book Club, May05)
  • "Left of the Dial" - Paul Witcover(SCI FICTION, Sep04)
  • "Magic for Beginners" - Kelly Link (Magic for Beginners, Small Beer Press, Jul05)
  • "The Tribes of Bela" - Albert Cowdrey (F&SF, Aug04)
  • "The Faery Handbag" - Kelly Link (The Faery Reel: Tales From the Twilight Realm, Viking Press, Aug04)
  • "Flat Diane" - Daniel Abraham (F&SF, Oct\Nov04)
  • "Men are Trouble" - James Patrick Kelly (Asimov's, Jun04)
  • "Nirvana High" - Eileen Gunn and Leslie What (Stable Strategies and Others, Tachyon Press, Sep04)
  • "The People of Sand and Slag" - Paolo Bacigalupi (F&SF, Feb04)
Short Stories
  • "Born-Again" - K.D. Wentworth (F&SF, May05)
  • "The End of the World as We Know It" - Dale Bailey (F&SF, Oct/Nov04)
  • "I Live With You" - Carol Emshwiller (F&SF, Mar05)
  • "My Mother, Dancing" - Nancy Kress (Asimov's, Jun04)
  • "Singing My Sister Down" - Margo Lanagan, (Black Juice, Eos, Mar05)
  • "Still Life With Boobs - Anne Harris (Talebones, Summer05)
  • "There's a Hole in the City - Richard Bowes (SCI FICTION, Jun05)
  • Act of Contrition/You Can't Go Home Again - Carla Robinson; Bradley Thompson; and David Weddle. (Battlestar Galactica; Jan. 28, '05 / Feb. 4, '05 [two part episode])
  • Serenity - Joss Whedon (Universal Pictures, Sep05)
Andre Norton Award
  • The Amethyst Road - Louise Spiegler, (Clarion Books, Sep05)
  • Siberia - Ann Halam (Wendy Lamb Books, Jun05)
  • Stormwitch - Susan Vaught (Bloomsbury, Jan05)
  • Valiant: A Modern Tale of Faerie - Holly Black (Simon & Schuster, Jun05)
I'm excited that a story from a SFBC original anthology is up there (Rob Sawyer's "Identity Theft," from Down These Dark Spaceways). Though I think "Magic for Beginners" is going to be damn hard to beat; I just read it for the second time the other day and I think it might well be one of those instant classics like "Fondly Farenheit" or "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream." But I still haven't read "Identity Theft" yet, so that could be even better.

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