Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today's WFA Reading: 2/14

A whole bunch of wonderfulness today: two big boxes and a jiffy-pak from PS Publishing and one jiffy from Ace.

I wonder if Ace is going to send every book individually? Perhaps they're rationing them out, one a day? That would be a bit extravagant of them, but they could have heard of my book-a-day thing and be trying to gently encourage me. (Oh, the book is Bear Daughter, by the way. Another one I haven't read yet.)

PS sent a whole bunch of amazing things; I can see why people in the business have been so enthusiastic about them -- the books look great physically, and lots of them are things I really want to read. The count is: one anthology, two collections (though one seems to be all non-fiction, which means I need to check the rules), three novels, five novellas published as books (have I mentioned I love short books?), three issues of PostScripts, and a couple of stray stories.

(On the reading side, I'm a hundred-and-some-odd pages into A Feast for Crows and starting to pick up steam, but I've got a lot of ground to cover there. I would have read it long ago, but...well, you might have heard it was a day or two late coming into the publisher, and I'd already bought it for the club by the time I finally saw it. Nothing is harder for a bookclub editor to justify than reading a book he's already bought when he has another deadline coming up and a pile of books yay-high to decide between for his empty slots.)

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