Friday, February 03, 2006

Today's WFA Reading: 2/3

I came home to find a big box sitting outside my front door, and I'm beginning to worry that the mailman probably hates us. (The Wife has gotten a half-dozen large Pottery Barn boxes over the past week herself, so it's not just me giving the USPS lots of work.)

This one was the second Tor box, with twice as much stuff as the first: Three Hands for Scorpio by Andre Norton, Brandon Sanderson's Elantris, Charles Stross' The Hidden Family (which I've already read, and which I don't believe is fantasy in any sense, but that's another discussion), Godslayer by Jacqueline Carey, Glen Cook's The Tyranny of the Night, Adam Stemple's Singer of Souls, The Divided Crown by Isabel Glass, The Dark Mirror by Juliet Marillier, Terry Goodkind's Chainfire, A Rumor of Gems by Ellen Steiber, Ordermaster by L.E. Modesitt, Jr., Orphans of Chaos and Mists of Everness by John C. Wright, Darkwitch Rising by Sara Douglass, and Robert Jordan's Knife of Dreams.

Fifteen books. I've already read three of them, so that leaves twelve to go. Put together, they total 5,570 pages. If I could read 250 pages a day consistently (that's my goal on weekends; I usually don't hit it), I could get through the last book in this box sometime on the 26th. More reasonably, I'll aim to get through two or three a week (I need to keep the weekends for SFBC reading), which means, with these and the other books already in hand, that I've got reading material through sometime in April (not even counting a year's worth of F&SF). And, somehow, I suspect that I'll be getting at least one or two more boxes...

In other book-reading news, the manuscript I was hoping to get electronically this afternoon to read tomorrow didn't come through before I left work (and I stuck around about a hour longer than usual). But the other thing I was going to read this weekend came via DHL from an unnamed Canadian bookseller, so I'll be reading Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds tomorrow. (And it will take most of the weekend, even if I get a lot of reading time -- I keep forgetting how long his books are.)

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