Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Incoming Books: 1 February

Some of these came home two days ago (since stuff makes it home as I have space in my bag), but here's what just got added to the pile of books I shouldn't even look at until after I read a hundred books or so for WFA:
  • War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy, translated by Anthony Briggs
    I'll want to read War and Peace someday, assuming I don't get hit by a bus first. This is a nice edition, and it seems to be a good translation, so it goes on the already-packed bookcase of Classics I Hope To Read When I Have A Lot More Free Time.
  • The Complete Plays by Anton Chekhov
    And the same for this one.
  • Platinum Pohl: The Collected Best Stories by Frederik Pohl
    Ellen got to this one first (which is only fair, I guess, after I snagged Sheckley's The Masque of Manana before she had a chance to see it), so it has to wait until I have non-work, non-WFA reading time for it.
  • Arthur and George by Julian Barnes
    I still haven't read his last story collection, The Lemon Table, but this has been getting such great reviews (in the trade and from people at my company who read it six months ago) that I wanted to read it quickly. Well, maybe not.
  • Skin City by Jack Sheehan
  • Life's Little Annoyances by Ian Urbina
    This one (and the ones after it) I might be able to sneak in between big serious WFA books, if I try hard enough.
  • Rereadings edited by Anne Fadiman
  • The Idler Book of Crap Jobs edited by Dan Kieran
  • The Joys of Engrish by Steven Caires
    And this I could read in a stray five minutes waiting for my computer to boot up, so I'll save it for a day I'm trying to keep my book-a-day reading streak alive.

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