Monday, February 06, 2006

My Unread "Bookshelf," Part Three

And this is the last bit -- my poetry shelf. I used to dip into this quite a bit, but I haven't touched it much lately. Bookending it to the right are poetry anthologies, and bookending it to the right is the giant stack of comics, art books, and other oversized junk that I get to in between "real" books. It was about a foot taller before Christmas, which was the main reason I went on the book-a-day regimen; I wanted to keep it from falling and crushing me like a bug.

You can also see two other deep storage piles in the edges of this photo: one is on the other end of the desk, and the other is at the extreme top left of the photo, sitting on a stool. Both of those are made up of various oversized things that I could never carry to work (and in some cases, wouldn't want to, because they're quotation books). Both piles have been essentially static for at least two years.

So: those are the books I wish I'd read already. How about the rest of you?

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