Saturday, February 11, 2006

Today's WFA Reading: 2/11

Another first today: my first damaged box. (Not one your more fun "firsts," as you might imagine.)

It was supposed to be a box with all of the Locus magazines for 2005 (for their reviews of the fantasies that came out last year), plus the February 2006 issue (which had the Recommended Reading List and the summaries for 2005 -- great resources for what we're doing). Unfortunately, the box had come open somewhere in the process, and there were only eight of the thirteen issues still present. (Though, interestingly, none of the issues that arrived showed any sign of wear, dog-earing, or other scuffling, as might be caused by a box breaking open in a mail-sorting machine.)

So, a note to myself: bug the Locus people on Monday for the missing issues. And I now have some more stuff to skim and/or read (since I've already read through all but the new issue already).


Anonymous said...

Hey, do we have the same postman?

Andrew Wheeler said...

I don't think I have it as bad as you do. I got a semi-apologetic postman from a truck explaining that the box mysteriously opened in transit, and telling me to talk to someone at the post office if anything was missing. (Yeah. As if that would do anything.)

But who knows -- aren't you somewhere in Jersey, too?

Anonymous said...

Houston, TX, actually, but I grew up on Long Island. (I am intimately aware that East Coasters tend to think of the U.S. as The East Coast, The West Coast and "everything in-between! :))

Lately, my mail is alternatively delivered by a postman and postwoman, as if the suburban route were too hard. The postwoman tends to not immediately deliver any review copies of books, but rather saves them up to make a trip to our door worth the effort. Sigh. A daily book delivery like yours would probably cause her to quit. :)

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