Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Today's WFA Reading: 2/7

Two boxes today, neither of them gigantic but both notable in their own ways.

The first was from Pan Macmillan in the UK; my first submission from overseas! In it were four books: Vellum (which I already had, in US bound galleys), book one of something, book two of something else, and a book that I'd thought was science fiction (it has a whopping great spaceship on the cover) but which I guess I will have to investigate myself.

The other was from Earthling Publications, a small press that I hadn't previously known about (which is one of the really neat things about this whole experience, and which I hope will actually help me be a better SFBC editor at the end of all this). They sent me two hardcovers (a story collection and a novel), a trade paperback of what I think is a novella, and a chapbook. (I haven't read anything in a chapbook for ages; that will be interesting.)

On the reading side, I got halfway through one book today, and read most of the January F&SF yesterday (one story left, which I intend to read tonight). Things are still piling up faster than I'm reading them, but I have it all organized, so I'm not worried: I'm patient, I'm directed, I'm Grendel.

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