Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Book-A-Day #78 (10/3): Zippy the Pinhead: Type Z Personality by Bill Griffith

This is essentially the sixth of the current series of large annual books, collecting roughly one year of the Zippy The Pinhead comic strip. I marvel every year that this is actually a daily strip, and wonder how many papers it can possibly be in.

Zippy is a peculiar taste -- not an acquired one, since I'm not sure one can acquire it, but definitely a strip for people who like absurdist humor. It's close to being a parody of itself these days (as what strip that's been running for a decade or more isn't?), but I find it's still enjoyable in annual doses.

This had been sitting mostly finished on my emergency shelf; I pulled it out because I didn't feel like reading a whole comics trade paperback. Thus I can be lazy and still keep to book-a-day.

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