Thursday, October 19, 2006

Book-A-Day #94

#94 is a scratch; I was working on a list of links of all of the earlier Book-A-Day posts, and I realized that I had two #15s, way back when July turned into August. So, #94 will be an anti-leap day, to get us back into synch. I briefly toyed with the idea of going back and re-numbering every post from #15 redux to #93, but finally decided that life is too short.

Also, I had originally planned to save that big list of links for the big Book-A-Day #100, but I changed my mind; I'll just start putting it at the end of all of these. I don't see why not to (yes, it's long, but I tend to write long posts to begin with, and the immense blogroll over on the left makes the page very long no matter what, anyway), and I doubt #100 is going to be particularly special to begin with.

The Fabulous Book-A-Day Index!
Edited 1/2/07: the huge list of links was getting annoying, and screwing up my Book-A-Day searches, so I've killed them in these posts that had them.

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