Friday, October 27, 2006

Mean Principal Bans Underpants Girls

Since Antick Musings is your source for all Captain Underpants-related news, I needed to pass on this:

According to Newsday, a fine Long Island fishwrap, three 17-year old seniors at Long Beach High School were sent home on Wednesday because they had dressed up as Captain Underpants (with capes and tighty whiteys over flesh-colored leotards) and their principal thought they looked "too naked." Wednesday was Superhero Day at the school, part of a week-long series of odd dress-up days that leads Your Intrepid Reporter to wonder if they ever get any work done in this school. (And also to wonder whether they expected demure and sensible costumes on Superhero Day -- clearly no one in administration at Long Beach High has been in a comics shop recently.)

It's a good thing no one dressed up as Tarot, Cavewoman, or Witchblade -- or that principal would see what "comic book naked" really means...

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