Monday, October 23, 2006

World Fantasy Survey

John Klima always picks up on my memes, so here it's my turn to do one of his:

1. On a scale from 1 to 10, how excited are you for the convention? (1 being low, as in you'd rather be audited than go to the convention, and 10 being high, as in you're looking forward to the convention more than getting laid)
A solid 7; I don't get 10-excited about anything.

2. Did you buy anything special to bring to the convention?

3. How's the hair?
Today it's horrible; I had a shower in a hotel with their shampoo and it looks like a pile of thatch. But I'm getting it cut on Wednesday, and I always get a flattop, which will cow it into submission for another month or so.

4. Are there any books you're hoping to find at the convention?
That would be telling.

Actually, I don't have a list at the moment, but I do want to eyeball the small press stuff and see what I've missed lately.

5. Are there any authors/editors/artists/etc. that you're hoping to meet at the convention?
Oh, boatloads. Too many to even start naming.

6. Are you scared about going to Texas?
No; my cousin lives in Austin and she's promised to protect me.

6a. If Yes, is it because everything's bigger in Texas?

6b. If No, is it because you're going to Austin?

7. Are you trying to figure out why World Fantasy is in Saratoga next year?
I was born in Albany, so I know well the lures of Saratoga Springs. I just thought they had ended about a century ago. (I'm also happy to have a WFC I can drive to.)

8. On a scale from 1 to 10, how much are you planning on drinking at the convention? (1 being no drinks at all and 10 being slightly more than Nick Cage drinks in Leaving Las Vegas) On the scale of drinking at a SFF convention, I'd be about a 3, but that's the personal equivalent of an 8, since I hardly ever drink outside of conventions these days.

9. What panel(s) are you most excited about seeing at the convention? (panels include any programming at the convention)
I'm afraid I've only looked to see what I was on myself so far; I have no idea what else is going on. I am looking forward to the art show.

10. Are there any nominees that you really want to see win? (for current judges, are there any people you want to makehave judge future World Fantasy Awards?)
I obviously can't comment on the first part...

Jim Minz would make a fine World Fantasy judge, and he'll probably only curse me mildly for bringing up his name. I don't think Diana Gill or China Mieville have done it yet, either. (I'm sure there are people who've been WFA judges more than once, but the "I've done my time" attitude seems to be much more common.)

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