Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Slaves of Rikers Island

Fourth in an occasional series (one two three); your home for corrections, clarifications, bafflegab, waffling, and general hornswoggling.

My mother (in a private e-mail) corrected my mistaken impression that she was born in Albany; she was actually born in a hospital in Kingston, NY. Her family lived in Saugerties at the time and only moved to Albany when she was two weeks old. I can't imagine why I wouldn't remember this.

A person or persons unknown (possibly operating under the aliases "Feisen" or "MLR") thanked me, also in a private e-mail, for introducing him/her/it/them to the wonderful world of Captain Underpants, and told a humorous story of how, after all of the bookmarks mysteriously disappeared, my humble blog was re-found by googling the Waistband Warrior. (There's no correction here; just me being smug about a very minor good deed.)

Joan D has asked for more recommendations for children's' books; I'm going to try to do "Bedtime Reading" about once a week in response. Other things I've done that are about kids' books in one way or another include: Pinky & Stinky by James Kochalka and Library Run: Kids' Books.

Robert Hutchinson thinks that Antick Musings is 38% fascinating. Considering that my aim was to hit 66% tolerable, I think I'm doing OK. (Unless the other 62% is eye-gougingly bad, but I'm hoping not.)

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Anonymous said...

Just adding the "amusing" wedge of the pie chart puts you comfortably over that mark, yes.

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