Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Favorite Fantasy Artists of 2005

Day Three dawns cold and snowy. (Well, I'm sure it did somewhere...)

When I was working on this category for World Fantasy, I sat down with all of the piles of books, magazines and other stuff that I had on hand, and just looked at cover art for a few hours. I've often complained that the Hugo for "Best Artist" seems to go to a good artist for their body of work, but not to the artist who was doing the best work in that specific year (and that bugged me). So I wanted to make sure I had something to point to for each artist I nominated -- at least one work that I could say "this is why I nominated this guy." In fact, a couple of the people I'd been thinking of nominating didn't have any one piece I liked that much, so they didn't make it to my final list.

Anyway, this list is more idiosyncratic than the others, but I hope it will also point to some great art. Like the others, it's in strictly alphabetical order by artist; all these guys did great stuff last year. This list, unlike the others, is linkalicious, so you can see what I'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

Very cool stuff. FYI, the three Edward Miller links (Night of Knives, etc.) go to the cover for Chasing Fire.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Kendall: Thanks for pointing that out; I've fixed those links.

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