Sunday, October 08, 2006

Book-A-Day #83 (10/8): first of a Lovecraftian swords & sorcery trilogy

Yes, once again I'm reading three books for the SFBC, and I want to at least pretend that they're secret for a little while. (In this case, it's much more of a pretense, since the category is not a particularly large one. But I will refuse to confirm or deny any guesses until I at least talk to the publisher.)

With any luck, I'll read books two and three in the next couple of days, and then things will progress however they progress.

Oh, and I should tell you folks that the last time I did this (book one, book two, book three), the books were actually Children of the Night, Burning Water, and Jinx High by Mercedes Lackey, and that all three are going to be included in the SFBC omnibus Diana Tregarde Investigates. See? I do explain myself, eventually.

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