Saturday, January 24, 2009

Amazonian Authors and Blogs

1) I've already mentioned Amazon's new Author Stores -- they have several hundred up already and intend to have a page for every identifiable author of a US-published book before long -- but did I give you a link that came bundled with a kickback?

I didn't think so.

By clicking here, and then going and buying something by somebody, you would be diverting my way approximately one and a half cents, for which I would be eternally, and possibly even obsequiously, grateful.

2) Amazon also has a new widget, which sucks in content from any or all of their various blogs. I enjoy playing with widgets -- get your mind out of the gutter! -- so let me try to embed this one here, which should have recent posts from their books blog, Omnivoracious. I'm not making it part of the overall template of Antick Musings because I don't want to be that Amazon-centric. But, hey, let me post a widget once and I probably will.

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