Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh, Damn

I've just realized that if the World Fantasy Convention hadn't moved its weekend back one week this year -- it was originally scheduled for Nov 5-8, and will now be held Oct 31-Nov 1 -- I'd have the perfect excuse to spend a week on the west coast next November.

You see, the 8th is also my brother's birthday, and he'll be living in Portland (Oregon) then. So it would be just a short hop up to visit him when the con ended.

And then I have an expected business trip in San Francisco a week later -- as much as any of us can predict anything about our businesses ten months in advance these days -- which would have been like the universe daring me to stay in the area.

But now there's a solid two-week span between the two events, which is an awful long time to hang out on the wrong side of the country. So, at this point I am still hoping to make it to World Fantasy this year, but it's beginning to look the slightest bit dubious.


Anonymous said...

I had a great time at the one World Fantasy I've been to. But if they keep putting it on Haloween, I'm going to keep not going. That's a major holiday in my house.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Matt: I have exactly the same problem with it -- Halloween is a big deal for people with kids (and many others), and it's a hard day for me to miss.

So far, I've made it to three WFCs, all in the years when Halloween was in the middle of the week -- and it might just end up staying that way.

Unknown said...

WFC has long traditionally been on Halloween. However, in the last few years the con has tended to be afterwards, usually the first weekend - or thereabouts - in November. Mainly due to airfares from the UK to the US apparently dropping considerably in November.

Me, I've been to all of them, and even chaired two of them. Call me crazy ...

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