Friday, January 23, 2009

Round-Up of This Week's Publishing Job Losses

I've already mentioned OUP (in the US) and CUP (in the UK).

DC Comics was part of a general 10% belt-tightening at parent Warner Brothers yesterday, with an unspecified number of people losing their jobs. The main name mentioned was highly respected editor Bob Schreck.

Diamond Comics Distributors, which has a near-monopoly on the "direct market" of comics shops in North America, also announced cuts yesterday: thirteen jobs were eliminated and an unspecified number of other employees were asked to take a pay cut.

Earlier in the week, Top Cow, one of the semi-independent studios that make up Image Comics, announced their own layoffs: two VPs. (And that's the only announcement I've seen so far that only mentions upper management taking a hit. And I'd bet a large sum of money it will be the only one.)

[DC, Diamond, and Top Cow news via Publishers Weekly]

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