Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Shoe-Shopping Opportunity Second To None

Amazon has just nudged me again, asking me to convince some of you folks to buy stuff. This time it's shoes, from their site. (I have no idea why the site has that name -- though I tend to doubt it has anything to do with a certain well-known fantasy comics series -- and even less idea why it's not called "Amazon Shoes," like every other sub-category of things you can buy.)

Endless, I'm told, has free overnight shipping to you-the-customer, plus free return shipping (presumably if you have a decent excuse for not wanting the shoes). They also claim "a wide selection of women’s, men’s and kids shoes, a 100% price match guarantee, and an easy shopping experience," which would be hard to beat with a stick if true.

This is January, where retail sales go to die, and this year is worse than most. So Amazon/Endless is trying to generate some traffic -- like every other retailer in the world right now -- and they've asked me to let you know about the following special sales:
Or, if you'd prefer to click on a banner and poke around, here's one:

And finally, if you are at all concerned that these pieces of footwear might be sapient and -- accidentally or on purpose -- eat your feet, you will be relieved to know that Endless also offers a wide range of vegetarian footwear, guaranteed not to chomp on your tootsies. (The Hello Kitty Boots that I used to illustrate this post -- an image not grabbed from Endless, since their page doesn't allow that, the spoilsports -- is itself vegetarian, you'll also be pleased to hear.)


SWILUA said...

ooo. such kitty cuteness.

Tania said...

I could combine the boots with the MAC Hello Kitty products to be released next month. It'd be a Kitty-palooza.

Oh I could go in the other room and continue reading Merchant's War and cursing that I'm not reading a SFBC omnibus of the entire series that you assembled.

Yes, I was doing that the other day while I was trying to remember what happened in the other books. And yes, I know that the final books in the series have yet to be published.

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