Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Green Man Music of 2008

For the third and last time, a post full of links related to my "best of the year" selection for Green Man Review. This one will be slightly more useful, since I'm using the MAGIC OF WIDGETS! to embed snippets of the songs I chose. That way, you can tell if I have good or bad taste immediately.

This list is in three parts; first comes my favorite albums of 2008, with links:
Next is the first of my two widgets for today, with the songs I called "Quiet":

(Missing from the widget are: “Ghosts” by Caroline Keating, “Song for the Winter Sun” by Loom, and “C’mon Baby Say Bang Bang” by Jane Vain & the Dark Matter.)

And last is widget #2, with the songs I called "Rocking":

(Again, several songs aren't available for the widget -- "Brigitte Bardot” by Creature, “Fairy Tales” by Hypernova, and “Growing Old” by Terrordactyls.)

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