Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Laura B. Gets $1.6M

The New York Post -- that bastion of journalistic integrity and rectitude -- is reporting that Laura Bush's one-book deal with Scribner's for a memoir is pegged at $1.6 million.

Their source? "One well-placed publishing source." (Though another source, placed either less well or more well or precisely as well -- the Post doesn't specify -- thinks it could be a little more.)

That's about what I would have expected -- you can't offer a first lady less than seven figures, and the "point-six" implies some jockeying for position, or a possible auction. Bush's eventual book still might not earn out -- that's the risk every book runs -- but it'll have a better chance than those overpriced Clinton tomes of earlier this decade.


Anonymous said...


Wondered if you saw the Jan. 5th entry on Ed Gorman's blog. I'd be interested in your take on it.


Jeff P.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Jeff P.: I hadn't seen that -- thanks for the link.

I certainly do agree that something -- and it's probably the word-processing revolution -- has brought many more bad novels out into the light of day than ever before. (I'm fond of saying that more people want to write a novel than read one these days.)

I'm not as sure that the audience has shrunk -- not for books as a whole. As always, the audience is moving from one subgenre to another -- historical romances are hot these days after being in the doldrums in the '90s, urban fantasy is very hot, and foreign-set thrillers seem to be cooling off -- but it's generally looked to me like a steady state or slight growth.

That's leaving aside the last year, when a lot of people started sitting on their hands instead of buying many things -- but that's purely because of the economy. (I bet library circulation figures are up.)

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