Friday, January 16, 2009

Restructuring a Random House

Publishers Weekly has an article reporting on the new structure at Random House's newly Frankensteined Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, and stuck the memos from Chairman Sonny Mehta and President Tony Chirico at the end. (If you'd like to know the names of the really top editors at that group, and a number of other high-up publishing people, read down to those memos for short potted resumes.)

A Knopf spokesman admitted that there were layoffs, but wouldn't say how many or even specify by department.

And the similar restructuring at Random's Crown Publishing Group is also complete -- PW has that news, and the memo, as well. There were layoffs in that group as well, on top of the 16 jobs lost in December, but they were all unspecified people in unspecified jobs -- not nearly as interesting as a long list of Executive This and President That.

The third adult group, Random House (aka "Little Random") has done the same -- Galleycat has a report and a download of the actual memo from President/Publisher Gina Centrello. The memo has a whole bunch of boldface names, but, again, the number and location of lost jobs is not made public.

One note: SFF imprints Bantam Spectra and Del Rey now share a publisher, Scott Shannon.

Update II:
According to GalleyCat's Ron Hogan on Twitter, Del Rey SFF editor Liz Scheier was one of those let go in these upheavals. I think that position is cursed. Good luck to Liz in finding a new job quickly -- she was one of the editors instrumental in the urban fantasy boom of the last decade, so some other publisher would be smart to snap her up.

Update III:
The New York Observer lists four editors -- including Scheier -- among those laid off in the Little Random shuffle.


Di Francis said...

Liz is a fabulous editor. I used to have her at Roc. I too hope she lands somewhere great soon.

The Swivet said...

Juliet Ulman was also laid off at Bantam Spectra.

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