Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Way to Make a Best-of-the-Year List

Someone named Damon at BookSpotCentral -- whose age I will not attempt to estimate -- has chosen three book covers for each month of 2008 on the basis of how attractive the [paintings of] women on those books are.

In his defense, he did manage to avoid calling his list the "Hottest Books of 2008." But he is speaking as if to the women on the covers, as if they were real, which is not typically the sign of a man who is mentally well.

Now: I like book covers, and I like attractive women. I even like attractive women on book covers. But this is rapidly heading into CILF territory, where I will certainly not follow.

[via Neth Space]

Update: BookSpotCentral doesn't have the courage of its convictions; they've pulled the article.

Bad form: the worst thing you can do on the Internet is "un-publish" something because people complain about it. At the very best, you look weak and indecisive. And, at worst...well, you look like those guys.

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jmnlman said...

CILF, brilliant! I like it.:)

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