Thursday, January 08, 2009

More From Amazon

You know, if I were smart, I'd space these things out so they wouldn't look so cheap and tawdry. But I guess I'm not smart, 'cause here comes another pitch.

It's a new year, so Amazon thinks you need to change everything about yourself. They are willing to help out: they'll sell you stuff to make you better -- or, at least, different.

Amazon thinks you are:
  • fat
  • fiscally imprudent
  • damaging to the ecosphere
  • a dirty addict
  • desperately out of shape (on top of being fat)
  • frenzied
  • trapped in a dead-end job
  • possessed of old, laughable technology
  • horribly disorganized
  • and in need of some hobbies to assuage the desperate longings of your miserable life.
If this describes you, click the link.

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