Thursday, June 29, 2006

Comic Shop Trip & Miscellaneous

Another round-up of reading material coming into the Hornswoggler abode. Please feel free to move on to a more interesting post; I'm sure someone on LiveJournal is earnestly discussing whether any man can be allowed to write a story with female characters .

I went to the comic shop today, and got for myself:
  • Solo #11 by Sergio Aragones
  • Dork Tower # 34 by John Kovalic
  • a free sampler, presumably by various people, called Virgin Comics #0
  • the new trade paperback Flaming Carrot Comics, Vol. 6 by Bob Burden
    By the way, what was Vol. 5? I have Vol. 1-4 from Dark Horse (Man of Mystery, The Wild Shall Wild Remain, Greatest Hits and Fortune Favors the Bold), but I've never seen or heard of a 5th volume.
  • She-Hulk, Vol. 3: Time Trials by Dan Slott and various artists (most of the time Juan Bobillo, whose work on She-Hulk I greatly approve of)
And I got some stuff for Thing 1 as well:
  • Kingdom Hearts Vol. 2
  • Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man, Vol. 3
  • Teen Titans Go! #32
  • Sonic the Hedgehog # 163
  • Sonic X #10
And, last, a couple of things came home with me from work this week:
  • The Art of Superman Returns by Daniel Wallace
  • The Goon: Nothin' But Misery and The Goon: My Murderous Childhood (and Other Grevious Yarns) by Eric Powell
Major WFA reading should be done in a couple of weeks (our first voting deadline is looming this summer), and then maybe I can actually jump into some of these things.

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