Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What Neil Gaiman Hath Wrought

Having a popular blogger link to you -- even if he doesn't make a big deal about it -- does interesting things to the traffic patterns. I'll try to remember to post a graph like this at the end of the month, when the spike will be nicely positioned in the middle. (The smaller bump on the 6th is probably from when I posted the "Great Novels of the 1990s" query to begin with, and the ramp-down back at the beginning of the graph was the end of the First Fantabulous Antick Musings Contest.)

It looks like most of the new folks came in, hit the "Great Novels of the 1990s?" post, and wandered back out. But, if there's anyone who stuck around, please feel free to introduce yourselves, and you're welcome to sit on the comfy couch. I'm not nearly as grumpy as the Asimov's folks think I am.

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