Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Well, It's More Exciting Than Progress Quest...

Yet another bizarre little thingy; this one I saw at Elizabeth Bear's Live Journal (and you need a LJ name to do it, for some unspecified code-y reason).

I escaped from the Dungeon of Andrewwheeler!

I killed Nothing the floating eye.

I looted the Armour of Sarcasm, the Sceptre of Thingamabobs, the Sword of Things and 6 gold pieces.

Score: 31

Explore the Dungeon of Andrewwheeler and try to beat this score,
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Anonymous said...

It needs an LJ name, I believe, because it generates the loot descriptions and such from your friends list and interests.

Andrew Wheeler said...

Ah. That makes sense. It also explains why my dungeon was so sparse; my LJ identity is really just there so I can comment as myself on other LJs and keep an eye on the SFBC and Antick Musings LJ feeds.

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