Thursday, June 08, 2006

My Dan Brown Novel

As seen at John Ricards' blog:

The Piece of Comte de Saint Germain by Dan Brown

"An exciting best-selling masterpiece of suspense!"The Guardian

Brian James, a lawyer, is found murdered in Toulouse and Dan Alberti, a novelist is asked to supply expert information to the Toulouse police. Soon Dan finds himself involved with a beautiful violinist called Sofia, meetings in Cairo with the highly-secretive group The Followers of the Temple Of The Vampire and a dramatic showdown with The Freemasons after a chase across across the Middle East. When western civilisation is at stake, The Freemasons won't let anything stand in their way. Can Dan stop them in time?

"An explosive tale of intrigue! *****"The Observer

Go here for your very own Dan Brown novel. (WARNING! Steal this plot and I'll sue you for all you're worth. It took me a long time to think up all this stuff and I'll not have it taken away from me.)

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