Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Incoming Books This Week

I actually got two WFA packages yesterday, nearly two weeks after the deadline. One was a new book from Del Rey (who seems to have just put me on the regular publicity list, so I guess it's not really WFA-related at this point), and the other was a 2005 collection from some other publisher. I may actually read the latter. (The former, I already have read. But having my own copy is very nice.)

And a few other things added themselves to my groaning to-be-read stacks:
  • Rocket Science by Jay Lake (it was a birthday present)
  • Visionary in Residence by Bruce Sterling (found it on the discard shelves at work)
  • Non Sequitur's Sunday Color Treasury by Wiley Miller (also from the discard shelves)
Just a few weeks more, and we'll be voting for WFA nominees...and then I can quickly read some things so I can vote for the Hugos!

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